We have traveled such a long way to reach here and now, we are proud to announce our brand new domain- vira.my.  In 2007, this website was kickstarted with the domain name viravira.com.my / viravira.net and during that time, it was never intended to be a tech portal. From 2007 to 2009, it was merely an experiment and at the end of 2009, we brought it to the next level and transformed it into a full fledge tech portal. In December 2009, Rodger.MY was born.

After going through a lot of hardships, especially from several stingy PR companies who always wanted us to write free articles for them but never gave us anything in return, we decided that it was time to end Rodger.MY. In 2011 Rodger.MY was taken down but immediately after that, we came up with an upgraded and up to trend website which continued the legacy of Rodger.MY, thanks to our loyal readers and friends who gave a lot of moral support to get this going. TechMalaysia.COM, a name which is very popular among tech enthusiast in Malaysia continued the path where Rodger.MY left.

Today, on the 5th of January 2018, TechMalaysia.COM has reborn in the name of vira.my. The common question that most of you might be asking :


Why changed TechMalaysia.COM to vira.my? 

– We wanted something short and easy to remember, not only for our fellow Malaysians but also for our friends from all over the world. As such, we picked vira.my as it is short and sweet. You will definitely remember our new domain name.


What happens to the existing TechMalaysia.COM then?

– Nothing happens. It is just that the domain name has been changed. The contents are all still available. You can still access TechMalaysia.COM and it will be redirected to vira.my.


Is this necessary?

– Yes, of course. We are unique. We need a brand…..an IDENTITY for us to tell to this world that we are not like the rest. Currently there are a lot of generic websites with the name Tech…etc. Trust us, vira.my will be different from the rest. It will be the best in its class. It will be a name that you will never forget……trust us…….and be awesome.


I would like to contribute or partner up with vira.my……or I have a business proposal for you guys.

Feel free to drop us an email. You may use the contact form to reach us.


Your continuous support is very important for us to grow. We would like to thank all our existing supporters for bringing us this far. Without you, we are nobody.


Rodger Navin


(vira.my @ TechMalaysia.COM)